January/ VALETTA, MALTA/ Workshop and Public Presentation

The workshop led by Dissemination and Communication Group (WG5) was dedicated to evaluating the first years activities and define communication paths for the work in the upcoming year, introducing participants from the local university and also digital followers to the work of TRACTS.

March/ KRAKÓW, POLAND/ Management Committee Meeting and Publishing Future

The annual in-person MC meeting will be held in the Ethnographic Museum Krakow. The meeting will address the organizational and networking needs of the network.

April/ POSTDAM, GERMANY/ Unearthing collections: Earth Archives

The workshop organised by WG3 will focus on social, historical, and cultural traces in collections. By highlighting a range of archival, museum and university material, the symposium will investigate the ethical implications of working with unsettling traces in collections.

April/ BERLIN, GERMANY/ Tracing temporalities, unearthing collection ethics

This WG3 event will focus on geological collections containing traces of strata sedimentation and geomorphologies. Building on the notion of earth archives, i.e. places of atmospheric deposition containing a vast amount of data of the past millennia, we expect to problematize the efforts of representing nature based on the traces these archives offer.

June/ LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND/ From the Archive to the Atlas

This two-day workshop is conceived as a meeting place for professional archivists, researchers and artists who approach the study of environmental history and the environmental movement from a multidisciplinary approach.

June/ July/ ZAGREB, CROATIA/ Responsible Future(s): Using Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Growth

This workshop will enable WG members to apply skills developed in the Capacity Building event to consolidate interdisciplinary dialogue. The envisioned output will be a policy-relevant edited volume/ special issue.

August/ BEJA, PORTUGAL/ Heritage in the plantationocene

The meeting will discuss the emergence and ongoing effects of plantation economies in heritage practices. It will attempt to develop strategies to involve heritage practitioners in community-based anti-extractivism struggles. The meeting will host presentations and discussions the role of heritage in the plantationocene in relation to the decolonial movement.

September/ SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, SPAIN/ Counter-Atlas Curatorial Collective: Tracing Social Justice

This meeting will bring together members of WG1 and WG2 to discuss contributions to the TRACTS Atlas, focusing specifically on the themes and issues key to our discussion of the trace in relation to social justice.

September/ LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA/ Care and repair: ungendering memory and museum practices

Through case studies of museum collections, art practices and activism, we aim to explore possible methodologies and approaches to tracing alternative narratives of gender, female empowerment and the hegemony of the essentialized gender binary. Special emphasis will be given to methods of collaboration and co-creation with various publics in order to examine how to care for gender narratives and how to build infrastructures of care in an equitable and inclusive manner. The Workshop is designed with the purpose of bringing together the international community of academics, museum curators, researchers, activists, art practitioners, and interested parties to discuss current research while providing the opportunity to share thoughts, exchange ideas, extend the network and explore current and future research directions.