(COUNTER)CARTOGRAPHIES: Theoretical, Methodological, and Ethical Approaches to the Trace across Disciplines

Introducing TRACTS: a book series

Connecting ideas and discussions held at the TRACTS meetings to date, this workshop aims to articulate a set of texts that will be part of an edited volume. This volume will be showcased in the TRACTS book series, scheduled for publication with a university press.
Bringing together scholars and practitioners from across the networks’ thematic working groups, the workshop will allow participants to present and comment on their proposed chapters.

The event and the resulting book will identify and connect, across all WGs, disjointed monodisciplinary projects on traces to integrate and create a dialogue between diverse theoretical and
methodological approaches.
By extension, it will serve as a key, long term TRACTS output that will promote interdisciplinary methodological, conceptual, and ethical reflexivity on trace. This Includes addressing the challenges posed by the legacies of traces in the context of colonialism and mass violence (WG2), climate change
(WG3), and technological development (WG4) in Europe and globally.

Participation in this event is a commitment to workshopping a piece of writing during the event to be held at the Ecomuseo in Palermo, Italy between April 12-13th.
By extension, it entails a commitment to finalize that piece of writing by the end of June 2024. These essays will be included in the edited volume that will inaugurate our book series.

Workshop Leaders

This TRACTS workshop and training school will be facilitated by the editors who are coordinating the TRACTS book series.