Invitation to submit proposals for Training Needs Assessment

We are seeking proposals from network researchers to provide a Training Needs Assessment of early career researchers within the TRACTS COST Network.

Project Overview: The purpose of the Needs Assessment is to provide a thorough understanding of the current state of training needs among early career researchers within the TRACTS Network. The assessment aims to identify skill and knowledge gaps in research about trace and academic practice. It should encompass the design and conduct of the survey, data analysis, and recommendations. The goal is to involve a systematic approach to identifying the needs and assessing the network’s capacity to address them through the future TRACTS mentoring program.

The successful proposer is expected to:

  • Design, conduct the needs assessment, and deliver recommendations to the network.
  • Collect and analyze data on the training needs of early career researchers within the network. Depending on the research design, this can include interviews, focus groups, and surveys with key stakeholders.
  • Assess training needs related to TRACTS priorities.
  • Provide a detailed report by 15th September 2024 outlining findings, trends, and recommendations for designing the TRACTS training and mentoring program.

Proposals shall be delivered to by 30 May 2024.

Proposals should include a 2-page Needs Assessment project design and CV.

The Network can reimburse costs up to 500 EUR (incl. all costs).

We strongly encourage early career researchers to submit proposals.

TRACTS Meeting at Mustek station, Prague. April 2024.