Alberto Berzosa

WG3 Co-Chair
(Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas)

Alberto Berzosa is an art historian based in Madrid. He currently works as a member of the project "Aesthetics Fossil" of the National Council for Scientific Research (CSIc)t. He is the author of books such as Cine y sexopolítica (Brumaria, 2020), Homoherejías Fílmicas (Brumaria, 2014) and Cámara en mano contra el franquismo (Al Margen, 2009). He has also curated some exhibitions such as "Madrid Activismos 1968-1982" at La Casa Encendida or "Sexopolíticas del cine marginal. Years 70 and 80" at the Institut Valencià d'Art Modern. As a filmmaker he has made the film Overseas (with co-author Carmen Bellas). His current research focuses on Media Studies and the memory of the environmental movement and is developed in two main ways. The first is an evaluation of the history of political cinema from a materialist point of view related to the implications of film culture in the context of the energy crisis, which can be summarized in the tracking of the ecological traces of films (imaginaries, material resources, industrial processes of production and circulation). The second has to do with locating and studying archives containing visual materials (posters, pamphlets, photos, films and so on) on the history of the environmental movement with the aim of analyzing the documents to think transnationally about environmental political imaginaries, as well as to think of ways in which the archives can be activated in an effective social and political sense in the present.