Aimee Joyce

Action Chair
(University of St Andrews) 

Twitter: @AimeeEJoyce 

Aimée Joyce is an anthropologist working in the Department of Social Anthropology in the University of St Andrews. Her work focuses on the legacies of long term conflict and practices of post-conflict conviviality, in Poland and Ireland. Trace and tracing is a methodology she is exploring in her work with history, religious pluralism, material culture, and heritage. She is also engaged with research on borderlands, trauma, death and the dead, and genealogies in the context of quiet Post-Conflict societies. Her most recent publications are with Anthropological Quarterly, History and Anthropology and Ethnologia Polona. Her monograph “Spectral Borders: History, Neighbourliness, and Discord on the Polish Belarusian Frontier” is forthcoming with Sean Kingston Press.