Nikita Chiu

WG4 Lead
(University of Exeter)


Dr Chiu is Senior Lecturer in Innovation Policy at the University of Exeter. In 2019, she was named Ad Astra Distinguished Fellow in Robotic and Outer Space Governance by the Space Engineering Research Center at USC. She was a Research Fellow in Robotics and Outer Space Technologies at the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford, and is a former Research Affiliate at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge. Prior to moving to the UK, Dr. Chiu taught Foreign Policy and International Relations in Hong Kong and Tallinn. She read Technology Policy at St Edmund's College at the University of Cambridge, and gained her PhD from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva in 2014.

Dr Chiu’s ongoing research explores the interplay between technologies and society, including  the tracing of human activities through technologies and historic tracing of scientific innovation.