Petr Gibas

WG3 Co-Chair
(Czech Academy of Sciences)


Petr Gibas is an anthropologist and cultural geographer based at the Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences. His scholarly interest covers issues of home and its relationship to housing, material culture studies of home, and phenomenological and landscape geography. In all these spheres, he pursues explorations into the intersection of policy and planning, experience and emotionality, and more-than-human entanglements. With respect to landscape, he particularly devotes his attention to more-than-human entanglements constitutive of (post-industrial) landscape and ensuing methodological and epistemological challenges for tracing their connections and effects. He is a co-author of books in English – Non-humans in Social Science: Animals, Spaces, Things (2011), Non-humans in Social Sciences: Ontologies, Theories and Case Studies (2014), Nonhumans and after in social science (2016) –, and in Czech – Allotment Gardens: Shadow of the Past or a Glimpse of the Future? (2013), DIY: a fine mosaic of self-led making (2019), Bricolage: From “self-led manual projects” to DIY (2020) –, and numerous articles.