Sanja Horvatinčić

WG2 Co-Chair
(Institute of Art History, Zagreb)

Sanja Horvatinčić is an art historian and Research Assistant at the Institute of Art History in Zagreb, Croatia. Her research has been focused on 20th century memorial sculpture and architecture, with the emphasis on the production and destruction of WW2 monuments in socialist Yugoslavia. She employs a critical interdisciplinary approach to heritage to investigate contemporary potential of Yugoslav memorial structures and concepts. Through her current projects, Horvatinčić is investigating memorial production, material culture, memoryscapes and multi-layered narratives of Yugoslav antifascist struggle in relation to global cultural exchange within the Non-Aligned Movement and in connection to current political and social crises. A comprehensive, socially inclusive and ethical understanding of the notion of traces is especially important in the current discussion about the political use of the past in the central and SE Europe, within the multitude of political crises and antidemocratic tendencies.