Saygun Gökariksel

WG2 Co-Chair
(Bogazici University)

Saygun Gökarıksel is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the Department of Sociology, Boğaziçi University. His writing and research interests concern the themes of law, violence, memory, and politics, with a focus on the intersection of culture and political economy and the critical theoretical perspectives from the South and East. His current research focuses on the judicial and ethical-political reckoning with the communist past in Eastern Europe in the post-Cold War context of neoliberal globalization and right-wing authoritarian populism. His writings have appeared in journals and blogs including Comparative Studies in Society and History, South Atlantic Quarterly, Dialectical Anthropology, Jadaliyya, and LeftEast. He is currently finishing the book manuscript, tentatively entitled Moral Autopsy: A Critical Anthropology of Reckoning with the Communist Past in Poland’s Neoliberal Democracy.