Working Group 1:
Trace as Ethical, Methodological, and Conceptual Challenge

WG1 is a cross-thematic group that brings together members to coordinate activities and explore the conceptual, methodological, ethical, and experimental approaches to trace across the domains of technology, social justice and climate change. The aim of this WG is to articulate emerging debates on traces in the light of inter-, multi-, and transdisciplinary approaches, and develop new research agendas. 

WG1 Chair: Lee Douglas []

Working Group 2:
Traces and Social Justice

WG2 focuses on exploring the life of traces in contemporary social, political, and historical struggles connected to the legacies of mass violence, colonialism, and gender and class inequality. Combining research, art and activism, the group will investigate topics including spectral legacies of dispossession, hidden traces of resistance and contentious heritage forms, from monuments and memorials to human remains and collections.

WG2 Co-Chairs: Sanja Horvatinčić & Karolina Pauknerova
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Working Group 3:
Traces and Climate Change

WG3 connects interdisciplinary research on traces in relation to landscape and environment. It advances perspectives on traces in relation to climate change, specifically the social impact of natural disasters, the loss of biodiversity, and environmental degradation (e.g., post-mining, post-conflict landscapes, rewilding). 

WG3 Co-Chairs: Petr Gibas & Alberto Berzosa

Working Group 4:
Traces and Technology

WG4 advances cross-disciplinary research exploring links between tracing and technology. This includes a critical perspective on “track and trace" technologies, sound, big data, algorithmic computation, technologies of knowledge, surveillance, and emergency governance in connection to digital traces. 

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WG4 Co-Chairs: Nikita Chiu & Ivan Šulc
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Working group 5:
Dissemination and Communication

WG5 manages and implements the Action’s impact goals while also ensuring that network activities are communicated effectively throughout the duration of the Action in ways that target key stakeholder groups. This includes the creation of a website and TRACTS Atlas as well as social media profile.

Science Communications Coordinator:
Eliza Proszczuk [

WG5 Co-Chairs: Bahanur Nasya & David Bevan
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