Working Group 5 (WG5)

Dissemination and Communication

Working Group Leadership

Bahanur Nasya Chairwoman of Wonderland-platform for European architecture in Austria
Prof. David Bevan Director of Postgraduate and Doctoral Programmes in Action Learning and Research, St Martin's Institute of Higher Education in Malta

Part of the WG5 team in Malta, January 2023, Photo by Marcin Noviki

WG5 Description

WG5 manages and implements the Action’s impact goals while also ensuring that network activities are communicated effectively throughout the duration of the Action in ways that target key stakeholder groups. This includes the creation of a website and TRACTS Atlas as well as social media profile.

WG5 Subgroups

Atlas: Katarzyna Nestorowicz, Marcin Nowicki, Magdalena Zych
Action Member Relations & Communication with other WGs: Gabriela Neagu
Newsletter: Iva Stojević, Magdalena Zych
Science Communication: Magdalena Zych, Mennatullah Hendawy Social Media: Claudia Cordovil, Jieling Xiao, Marcin Nowicki, Nurinisa Esenbuga, Mustafa Yaprak
Website: Marcin Nowicki, Mennatullah Hendawy, Luis Teixeira

Science Communications Coordinator: Eliza Proszczuk